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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can i record radio stations?

Yes you can! (Please be aware that recordings cannot be transferred out of the application because of Apple rules, but you can always listen to your recordings locally.)

2. Can i schedule recordings and make my Mac awake and sleep automatically?

Eventhough RADYO has been designed to do this, it is disabled in Mac App Store version as Apple forbids it for all Mac App Store applications.

3. It seems like RADYO is an official ShoutCAST partner, but why i don’t see it in the Mac version?

We are awaiting reply from ShoutCAST team for adding ShoutCAST support to our Mac version too. Currently only iOS version of RADYO has ShoutCAST support.

4. Can i share the link to the station that i’m currently listening to?

You can easily share special links to anyone who has RADYO too and let them listen to the same station immediately. This is valid both for the stations in RADYO’s own station database and for your manually added stations. More information about the usage of radyo:// protocol can be found by clicking here.